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Welcome to Wedding Video and Rated 5 out of 5 Music Notes by, we work hard to make your event memorable.

Planning your special moment can be one of the most rewarding experiences as well as a stressful one.

At Wedding Video and, we strive to alleviate the stress by providing professional videography and mobile entertainment services through affordable packages customized to meet your needs. We offer a wide variety of resources to assist you in your planning needs.

We specialize in entertainment and videography for weddings, birthdays, block parties, holiday parties, corporate events and more!

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4 Gorgeous and Affordable Wedding Venue Ideas

Every couple knows that the secret to holding a wedding that remains etched in the memories of people forever lies in the choice of a wedding venue. However, the truth of the matter remains that wedding venues themselves are not so easy to come by, especially considering the fact that most of these venues attract so high cost of hiring that is far beyond the reach of most couples.

Unknown to many, the many weddings that come and go without glamour could have been celebrated by choosing some original venues that do not necessarily require you to cough your last dollar all in the name of hiring. Join me as I introduce you to some of the amazing wedding venues with a hope that you will be better informed to choose some of these when you finally decide to walk down the aisle.

Cocktail Wedding in the backyard Forget all what we associate our backyards with and know that this spot may offer a perfect wedding venue for those mindful about the cost of hiring such venues. While many people will argue that the backyard is an area incapable of accommodating many guests, you should know that there are various extensions you can make to it such as adding tents in order to spread the venue to the other areas of your compound. The point is to relish the beauty of your flowers, trees and lawn as you conduct your wedding, the very beauty you would have paid thousands of dollars to hire.

Wedding on the beach
This is another great idea for a cocktail wedding venue that is economical as well. Assemble all your buddies, cruise to the beach and relish the grandeur of the majestic sea waters as you breathe in the fresh air from the sea. One economic aspect with having a beach wedding is that you will attract as many people as possible and at the least expense.

Cocktail Wedding in a penthouse
How does it feel to be perched on top of a tall building while saying I Do to your significant other? A penthouse is an ideal place for having the ideal special day - not to mention it is economical too. The good thing with having your wedding in a penthouse is that you naturally reduce the number of guests, and rightfully so – you want to be up there with only those that matter. Though your wedding will be attended with only a handful of people, the memories created as you relish the magic of the landscape below will surely live with you forever and make yours one of the most cherished weddings ever.

Wedding on a ranch
Last but not least, a ranch provides a perfect wedding venue, both in terms of beauty and economy. The good thing with having your wedding in a ranch is that you will not need to pamper the venue so much as a lot is already as it should be. With the enchanting sighs of the horses, there is nothing more you can ever ask for out of your wedding day. There are very many wedding venue ideas that ensure you savor the day while still saving your last dollar. By trying out any of these ideas, you can be sure many weddings will be marked with successful stories, unlike it has always been.

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